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Open Letter to the Small Nations Federations, by Jan Callewaert

Dear Presidents and Members of the Small Nations Federations,

It was an honour to have met many of you during the Nations Tournament in Monaco and some of you last week in Brussels with Garry Kasparov. These meetings were an excellent opportunity for us to understand the important role of the Small Nations in European Chess. To maintain a vivid chess culture is not always easy, especially when operating in an environment with limited resources- may it be financial or manpower restraints.

As the President of the Kasparov Chess Foundation and member of Garry Kasparov’s FIDE presidential ticket, I express my respect and gratitude to your achievements for the European Chess Culture.  The Small Nations Tournaments and your efforts in your countries to strengthen our sport are only two of those accomplishments.

In regard of the upcoming FIDE election, I emphasise that with Garry Kasparov as FIDE President your good work shall continue under more favourable conditions. The new FIDE will focus on facilitating the activities of federations. You know what is best and we will make your life easier.

With a world famous front man and arguably the best chess player of all times, corporate sponsoring should no longer be an obstacle.

Therefore I underline, with FIDE President Garry Kasparov the Small Nations Tournaments will have secure funding. Your special role will be recognized with a wild card system for bigger championships. Women Chess and Chess for Education shall be strengthened in your countries.

It is time for a change. It is time for professionalism, modernization, and transparency. Rebuilding the chess world will not be easy and it requires everyone’s participation.

Ask me and our team what we can do for you, but at the same time tell us what you can do for the world of chess!

Yours sincerely,

Jan Callewaert
President of Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe and Member of Presidential Ticket Kasparov