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Kirsan’s FIDE Versus the Federations


  • Teams from Afghanistan and Gabon still cannot play in Tromsø because Ilyumzhinov’s administration illegally removed the legitimate federation heads to take votes from Kasparov.
  • Kirsan’s administration fought with the Tromsø organizers only to serve the interests of the Russian federation. Once the Russian women’s team was allowed to play, Kirsan’s admin and its lawyers went back to ignoring the plight of the other teams.
  • The FIDE Electoral Commission (ELE) approved these actions with contradictory justifications. For Afghanistan, the ELE ruled that a government official’s approval was the only important thing. For Gabon, where all government officials sided with the original federation, including the President’s office and the Olympic Committee, the ELE decreed that none of it mattered and gave the vote to a complete unknown.


  • All federations must be equal under the rules.
  • FIDE must have the transparent rule of law instead of serving the interests of the powerful.
  • FIDE should serve and support the federations, not threaten them and dictate to them.


The cases of the votes stolen from the legitimate federations of Afghanistan and Gabon have moved from dirty politics to criminal activity. Innocent players and federations are being exploited to help Ilyumzhinov serve the Russian Federation and his bosses in Moscow. These attacks prevented several federations from registering their teams on time for the Tromsø Olympiad – while the Russian federation intentionally overstepped the deadline to gain more time to add Katerina Lagno to their team from Ukraine. (A federation transfer that was given top priority by Ilyumzhinov’s administration, including an unprecedented Presidential Board decision done by email!)

Ilyumzhinov exploited the other excluded federations, the federations his administration had just robbed of their votes, as an excuse to pressure the Olympiad’s organizers in Norway into allowing the Russian women’s team to play. Now that Russia is in, with Lagno, of course Gabon and Afghanistan are again punished and ignored. It is a disgrace for our sport that the Ilyumzhinov administration is committing such actions.

Kirsan’s administration is breaking all records, both for youngest Olympiad players and for levels of corruption. 

As has been well documented, the valid and long-standing federation of Gabon and its president were suddenly replaced by the FIDE Secretariat after they announced support for Kasparov. This made it impossible for their Olympiad teams to be registered in time. Now, having been given a second chance by the Norwegian organizers, the catastrophe of Ilyumzhinov’s dirty trick is revealed. This “new president” (approved by the Kirsan loyalists on the Electoral Commission!), Gabin Nicaise Yala, has no connections with the players or anyone else in the Gabonese chess community and could not arrange to send teams. When pressed, after several days he submitted a “team” with made-up FIDE IDs that is composed mainly of his own family members, including his young children! Another member of this “team” is a former official who has already publicly disavowed any connection with this new fake organization!

Kirsan’s administration is breaking all records, both for youngest Olympiad players and for levels of corruption. We have ample evidence and correspondence that proves that this entire project of destroying the official Gabon federation was orchestrated by Lewis Ncube, Ilyumzhinov’s vice-president in Africa.

The similar case vote-stealing in Afghanistan also had a ruinous continuation. The legitimate federation president was simply deleted by Nigel Freeman, also after Afghanistan supported Kasparov publicly. The author of the letter used to justify this crime was signed by Mr. Kiramuddin Karim, who has no actual authority over the Chess Federation or the National Olympic Committee. Of course the same four Ilyumzhinov supporters on the Electoral Commission saw no problem with this at all.

“..misuse of authority, holding illegal presidential elections of the national federations (Wushu, Taekwondo, Chess…”

The Afghanistan National Assembly apparently does not agree however, and we have obtained a letter from its Complaint Commission requesting criminal charges against Kiramuddin Karim regarding, “Afghanistan National Olympic Committee complaints regarding illegal interference” including “..misuse of authority, holding illegal presidential elections of the national federations (Wushu, Taekwondo, Chess…) and assigning non-professional persons (Haji Almas as president of the chess federation, Mr. Rabani Rabani as president of the Taekwondo federation…)” and concluded by declaring that he “must be prosecuted by Attorney General of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.” [ See signed letter below. ] Meanwhile, the first act of this “new delegate,” who lives in Moscow, was to cancel the participation of the Afghan women’s team. Gens Una Sumus?

Nigel Freeman went looking for votes to steal and he found an eager accomplice in Kiramuddin Karim. Maybe we will find out the price during Mr. Karim’s trial. This travesty could have been ended by an independent Electoral Commission, but as four of its five members made very clear, this ELE exists only to approve decisions that help Ilyumzhinov hold on to power. We ask those four: Darcy Lima of Brazil, Bharat Singh of India, Mwinde Muchimba of Zambia, and Margaret Murphy of US Virgin Islands for their comments on the Gabon and Afghanistan teams they helped eliminate from Tromsø.

Garry Kasparov and every member of his ticket have campaigned across the globe on a platform of sponsorship, education, professionalism, transparency, and returning power to the federations. These cases show how important that last element is for FIDE after 19 years of Ilyumzhinov. FIDE’s role must be to support and protect the federations, not to punish them and take from them. Nothing will change unless the FIDE leadership changes.


Translation of the letter from the Afghanistan National Assembly [ signed original below ]

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan National Assembly/Meshrano Jirga (THE UPPER HOUSE)
Complaint Commission
DATE: 20/07/2014

TO: Directorate of Government Communication, National Assembly

Kindly dispatch the following decision of the Complaint Commission to the Attorney General of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

According to National Assembly Meshrano Jirga (THE UPPER HOUSE) complaint commission meeting on 20.07.2014 about Afghanistan National Olympic Committee complaints regarding illegal interference of the General Directorate of physical and education sports of Afghanistan President Mr. Kiramuddin Karim in the internal affairs of the National Olympic Committee and National Federations, misuse of authority, holding illegal presidential elections of the national federations (Wushu, Taekwondo, Chess…) and assigning non-professional persons (Haji Almas as president of chess federations, Mr. Rabani Rabani as president of Taekwondo federation who is divested holding any position in Taekwondo federation in the world from World Taekwondo Federation…) as president of national federations, violation of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Presidential decree regarding the independence of the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee, the following decision has been made:

Mr. Kiramuddin Karim, President of General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports, must be prosecuted by the Attorney General of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan about the mentioned issues and the result should be submitted to the Complaint Commission as soon as possible.

Dr. Zulmi Zabuli
Head of Complaint Commission
Afghanistan National Assembly Meshrano Jirga