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Jan Callewaert and Silvio Danailov Visit Andorra

On Wednesday, 18 June 2014, Jan Callewaert FIDE candidate of Garry Kasparov’s ticket and Silvio Danailov, presidential candidate for the ECU, went on a joint campaign visit to Andorra.

President of the Federation Francesc Rechi warmly welcomed the two visitors with his delegation consisting of Joan Antoni Obregon (Delegate), Josep Rivero (Secretary and Treasurer) and Oscar De la Riva (Technical Director).


Left to right: Jan Callewaert, Francesc Rechi, Silvio Danailov, Josep Rivero, Oscar De la Riva, Joan Antoni Obregon

During an excellent dinner they had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming elections. Deputy President of Garry Kasparov ticket Jan Callewaert had the opportunity to present the electoral program on the six winning moves. Especially the support on Chess for Education was of interest to the Federation, which already implements a successful Chess for Education initiative. The program is currently operational in 27 schools with 1500 pupils. All of them train chess for one hour each week.

The visitors emphasized their support for the special situation of small federations such as in Andorra. Their example shows what can be achieved in the field of Chess for Education and the future of our sport.