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Ian Wilkinson, QC

(Jamaica) b.1965

An accomplished attorney, the dynamic president of the Jamaica Chess Federation since 2003 has focused on chess in education and commercial sponsorship during his mandate. Thousands of kids in Jamaica now participate in school chess programs and he has helped bring sponsorship from major corporations Digicel and Burger King into chess.

  • Kingston College and the University of the West Indies, Law Degree in 1987.
  • Tutor/Lecturer at Norman Manley Law School, 1990-present.
  • Has served on the Jamaican Bar Association for approximately 15 years in various capacities, including President. Recognized as one of the leading legal practitioners in Jamaica and is a “Queen’s Counsel (QC)”.
  • Appointed to the Rules Committee of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in 2011.
  • Although he only learned the rules of chess in 1999, he has been the president of the Jamaica Chess Federation since 2003 and has represented Jamaica in various capacities at six consecutive World Chess Olympiads.
  • Elected in 2006 by FIDE to serve on the Ethics Commission, the first from English-speaking Caribbean.
  • In 2007 established the Magnificent Chess Foundation to promote chess in the education system and bring the many benefits of chess to all Jamaicans, especially the young.
  • Has written extensively on various areas of the law. Has written two chess books, including a primer.
  • States his longstanding dream is to use his abilities to positively transform Jamaica and strengthen Caribbean unity and identity.