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Report from Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hamed, a member of Garry Kasparov’s FIDE ticket, was the gracious host to many of the region’s federation representatives at his palace in Abu Dhabi during the General Assembly of the Arab Chess Federation in… [read more]

Kasparov Reaches Out in Korea

Garry Kasparov continued to break new ground and reach across many different boards during his campaign for FIDE president. As in Thailand, where Kasparov talked about how various forms of chess should work together to promote our classical western form… [read more]

Kasparov’s Visit to the Philippines

Garry Kasparov’s Asian tour landed in the Philippines and it was a long and busy day indeed! He received a great welcome in the chess-mad nation, and spent a full day of meetings and events. Full report below by one… [read more]

Kasparov and Leong Well Received in Macau and Hong Kong

Garry’s first campaign tour to Asia with Ignatius Leong continued in Macau and Hong Kong. Our great thanks to the organizers for their efforts and to Jose Silveirinha and Jackson Li for their reports. Earlier reports from the trip are… [read more]

Kasparov Visits Singapore and Thailand

Garry collected some remarkable souvenirs along with endorsements during his first swing through East Asia on the campaign trail. He was received in very impressive and gracious fashion in Singapore and Thailand, as you’ll see below. Kasparov’s tour then continued… [read more]

Campaign Trip Begins in Jakarta

The first tour of the campaign is in Asia and the first stop was Indonesia. Afterward, Garry heads to Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, and Hong Kong. The launch of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific is imminent! Garry will return to… [read more]

“The Change We Need” – Interview of Garry Kasparov on FIDE Presidency Run.

“Earlier this week we posted the news that Garry Kasparov is going to run for FIDE President. The 2014 elections will be held during the FIDE Congress, at the Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway. Kasparov announced his candidacy during this week’s FIDE Congress… [read more]

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