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Protest by Afghanistan Federation Against Unlawful Removal

Every day brings new reports of abuses of power by FIDE executives to promote Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s reelection, further damaging relations with the federations FIDE is supposed to represent and support. The latest example is the removal of several federation presidents and… [read more]

WATCH OUT! Important Message on Vote Proxy Forms

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Delegates: We wish to bring to your attention a dangerous situation that may cost your federation your vote. FIDE or the Kirsan campaign may ask you to complete a “proxy form” (see samples below) before the August… [read more]

Open Letter from Continental Candidates

To the chess community: As Continental leadership candidates for Africa, Asia, and Europe who desire positive change in FIDE after so long, we feel obliged to speak out about abuses of power and conflicts of interest by the current FIDE… [read more]

Garry Kasparov pays respect to Small Nations Federations

On 5th June we had the pleasure to welcome Garry Kasparov on a campaign visit in Brussels where we met federation representatives from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco and Liechtenstein on conference call. Even though the entire city was in high… [read more]

Letter from U2’s Bono on Chess and Meeting Garry Kasparov

Thinking ahead, thinking around corners, guessing somebody else’s next move… these were the pleasures of chess for me… my greatest childhood pleasure. In Ballymun we had a chess club, like so many kids at the beginning of the 70s, I… [read more]

Open Letter to the Small Nations Federations, by Jan Callewaert

Dear Presidents and Members of the Small Nations Federations, It was an honour to have met many of you during the Nations Tournament in Monaco and some of you last week in Brussels with Garry Kasparov. These meetings were an… [read more]

Kasparov Letter: Matters of Reputation

During my campaign, my team and I have always focused on our ambitious plans to reform and transform FIDE. There’s no need for us to “go negative” when we have a much better team, a great platform and concrete plans… [read more]

Kasparov Replies: “Whom Will You Support?”

Garry Kasparov: “To my colleagues: whom will you support?” An answer to the June 4, 2014 statement from ex-world champions Nona Gaprindashvili and Maia Chiburdanidze. Having read this letter, signed by two of my most admirable fellow Grandmasters, I have to… [read more]

Sir Richard Branson Supports Chess & Kasparov!

Sir Richard Branson is famous for many things. The billionaire founded the Virgin Group and his passions are risk-taking and innovating in as more areas than you can count, from telecommunications to space tourism to extreme sports. Now we can add… [read more]

Kasparov Letter to the Federations

Greetings to all members and officials of the global chess community. With this message we reach the middle of a very sharp middlegame in this campaign for the FIDE presidency! My team and I will be reaching out to you… [read more]

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