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Garry Kasparov on the Threat to Tromsø

[ Garry was asked by ChessBase for a response FIDE VP Israel Gelfer’s comments regarding the Tromso Olympiad organizers’ statement confirming that teams that missed the June 1 team list registration deadline would not be allowed to participate. The list… [read more]

Open Letter from Grigoriy Yavlinskiy

We believe you should support Team Kasparov for the future of chess. We have limited our commentary on Ilyumzhinov’s scandals to the most recent ones and to those that directly relate to his abuses as FIDE president. We could not, however,… [read more]

CAMPAIGN UPDATE | August 5th, 2014

This gallery contains 21 photos.

Such headlines appearing in a business paper is a good symbol of my entire campaign! “Magnus Carlsen is cheering for Garry Kasparov”! Top Norwegian business newspaper, DN, with an interview with Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen on the FIDE election.… [read more]

Real Numbers: Kasparov Leads in Asia

After our recent visits to Mr. Ilyumzhinov’s websites to expose their lies, it is pleasant to return to real information and real numbers. Last week we demonstrated proof of Team Kasparov’s lead in Africa. Today it is Asia’s turn to… [read more]

Kirsan News Agency: Truth Dashed in Nigeria

The campaign website of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has little information to defend his 19 years as FIDE president and even less about what he would do for the next four years. It has no policy, only vague promises that are the same as… [read more]


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July 7th, 2014 Jamaica   June 26th, 2014 First US Congressional Chess Tournament by Zachary Young FULL STORY 6/20/2014 – Stemming from a US Senate resolution to recognize St. Louis as the US Capital of Chess, chess patron Rex Sinquefield… [read more]

A Little Magic…

The awesome S.A.C. Vasanth met Garry Kasparov when both received Global Leadership awards for excellence in their fields in Kuala Lumpur this year. Now he has apparently decided to take election matters into his own skilled hands! More from him… [read more]

End of the Myth: Africa for Team Kasparov!

Since the beginning of this campaign, Team Kasparov has promoted a bright new future for FIDE based on sponsorship, education, and professionalism. We have a mission, we have funding, we have policy, and we have the right people to do… [read more]

The Presidential Teams and the Future of FIDE

This election is not only about 19-year FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and 13th World Champion Garry Kasparov. It is about ideas and having a capable team that can turn those ideas into reality. Each candidate has a ticket that includes… [read more]

Jan Callewaert and Silvio Danailov Visit Andorra

On Wednesday, 18 June 2014, Jan Callewaert FIDE candidate of Garry Kasparov’s ticket and Silvio Danailov, presidential candidate for the ECU, went on a joint campaign visit to Andorra. President of the Federation Francesc Rechi warmly welcomed the two visitors… [read more]

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