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Now that Team Kasparov is in Tromso, daily updates on our progress will be posted here. If you have a message for our team, feel free to send your remarks to [email protected] Also, if you spot Garry in Tromso and… [read more]


Chess in Education in Greece

Last year was very important for the ‘Chess in Education’ program in Greece thanks to KCFE! Twenty schools in Thessaloniki area were participating in the program. Over 500 students six and seven years old learned chess during that year with… [read more]


Kasparov Everywhere in Tromsø!

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Before our campaign team had even arrived in Tromsø, Norway, the site of the 2014 Olympiad and FIDE presidential election, all we were hearing was, “Kasparov is everywhere!” What people meant was clear as soon as you got off the plane.… [read more]


Olympic Levels of Support!

We are honored to publish below two letters of support from esteemed members of the International Olympic Committee. Richard Carrión of Puerto Rico is the current Chairman and CEO of Popular, Inc, which owns Banco Popular. He is the chairman of the… [read more]


SUBJECT: TEAM KASPAROV PRESS CONFERENCE IN TROMSØ, NORWAY Garry Kasparov and all available members of his FIDE presidential ticket will make brief remarks about the campaign and will be available for questions from the media. TIME: Monday, August 4 at 1300 (1pm)… [read more]


Money to Federations, Not FIDE

FIDE has very little to do with a huge majority of chess activity in the world today, and this represents a huge failure of the current administration and a huge opportunity for the next one. For most federations, FIDE today is… [read more]


Kirsan’s FIDE Versus the Federations

JUST THE FACTS Teams from Afghanistan and Gabon still cannot play in Tromsø because Ilyumzhinov’s administration illegally removed the legitimate federation heads to take votes from Kasparov. Kirsan’s administration fought with the Tromsø organizers only to serve the interests of the… [read more]


Kasparov and ECU President Danailov on Tromso – FIDE Controversy

[ Below and for download are letters from Garry Kasparov and European Chess Union President Silvio Danailov on the controversy around the teams excluded from the Tromso Olympiad. ] Garry Kasparov: I do not intend to allow Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s plan… [read more]


FIDE vs the Federations, Abuse of Power for Votes

As reported at Chess.com by FM Mike Klein, FIDE’s Electoral Commission (ELE) has been unusually busy lately. It just saw six cases in Athens related to the presidential election, in effect deciding six votes. In each case, despite overwhelming evidence in… [read more]


Letter from Ukrainian to Canadian Federation

We have been asked to help disseminate this open letter from the president of the Ukrainian Chess Federation, Viktor Kapustin, to the board of the Canadian Chess Federation. OPEN LETTER TO THE EXECUTIVE BOARD OF THE CANADIAN CHESS FEDERATION Dear… [read more]

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