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Sudan Rising in Tromsø!

A quick note to highlight the upset win of Sudan over Ireland in yesterday’s third round of the Olympiad. The 115th seed beat the 62nd, with tough Grandmaster Alex Baburin on board one. Garry just annotated Magnus Carlsen’s win over Djukic for our Team Kasparov Daily Bulletin, but Garry also had some comments on a match a little further away from the spotlight.

“Congratulations to the Sudanese team for their big win against Ireland. President Tarig Zaroug is showing great progress. When I bumped into the Irish team after the match they said I wasn’t finding them in their finest moment, and that my many visits to Africa were already paying off! But I cannot take credit! One of the joys of the Olympiad is to follow hopeful teams from all over the world, not just the top boards. Good luck, Sudan!”