The Future of Chess, Not FIDE

When I announced my campaign for FIDE president on October 7 in Tallinn, I stated that my goal was to elevate our game to the very high level in the public mind where I believe it belongs. On August 11…
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Shocking Africa Remarks, Israel Gelfer Unfit for FIDE VP

In front of a crowd of African delegates and many other witnesses, FIDE Vice-President Israel Gelfer announced they were “too lazy to hold their own meeting.” This came the day after Ilyumzhinov supporters walked out of the August 10 African Chess…
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Justice and Kasparov! Africa Rising and FIDE Rising!

African Chess Confederation meeting ends in a big win for Kasparov supporters and for justice! The challenger will gain several votes while incumbent will lose several and momentum swings toward Kasparov in Monday’s election. In an amazing turn the day…
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A Card for FIDE’s 90th Birthday

Garry Kasparov on Election Procedures

[ DOWNLOAD THIS LETTER AND THE PROPOSED PROCEDURES IN PDF ] [ FRANÇAIS | ESPAÑOL | RUSSIAN] An Open Letter to the Ilyumzhinov Presidential Ticket, the Tromsø Organizing Committee, and the FIDE Delegates Since the beginning of my campaign for the FIDE presidency I have strived for greater…
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Ilyumzhinov’s Proxy War

If you have read the Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s “FIDE First” bulletin of August 6, you may be confused as to why they are trying so hard not to reveal any information about their proxies. Do not be distracted by the hysterical tone…
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A New Era for Chess by Friðrik Ólafsson

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