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Ghana Celebrates Chess with Kasparov

Garry Kasparov’s campaign tour brought him next to Ghana, a nation whose name means King, or Warrior King. It is an auspicious name for chess, and for a visiting chess king. As always, Kasparov was enthusiastically welcomed by the local… [read more]

A Welcome for a (Chess) King in Ivory Coast

The second stop on Garry Kasparov’s latest campaign tour was Ivory Coast, where he was received with such grace and celebration that he could scarcely believe his eyes. Truly the revolution in the chess world is beginning in Africa! Kasparov,… [read more]

Amazing Hospitality in Senegal for Kasparov

Garry Kasparov launched the West Africa portion of his latest campaign tour in Senegal. He was very well received on every level, from the national governments to chess officials to chess fans. Speaking after his visits to Senegal and Ivory… [read more]

Statement by Garry Kasparov on Behalf of the Kasparov FIDE 2014 Team

SUBJECT: ABUSES OF FIDE POWER AND CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Dear chess friends, players, organizers, media and public: In recent days you have all been receiving mails and articles from the current FIDE leadership and administration. The purpose of this sudden… [read more]

News Release: Contracts and Comments

This is an historic day, as for the first time in 20 years of FIDE elections a campaign team is following the principle of transparency by making public two contracts: The first, between Garry Kasparov and Ignatius Leong, and the… [read more]

News Release: Statement by Garry Kasparov

STATEMENT BY GARRY KASPAROV ON BEHALF OF THE KASPAROV TEAM History teaches us that a sustainable democracy must be founded on three elements: transparency, mutual respect and due process. These virtues are not only applicable when building nations and societies,… [read more]

News Release: Statement by Morten Sand

[ UPDATE: The Kasparov 2014 campaign will release the final version of the stolen draft contract referred to by Mr. Sand on Friday, January 24 – a day prior to Garry Kasparov’s press conference in Wijk aan Zee on Saturday.… [read more]

Report from Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hamed, a member of Garry Kasparov’s FIDE ticket, was the gracious host to many of the region’s federation representatives at his palace in Abu Dhabi during the General Assembly of the Arab Chess Federation in… [read more]

Kasparov Reaches Out in Korea

Garry Kasparov continued to break new ground and reach across many different boards during his campaign for FIDE president. As in Thailand, where Kasparov talked about how various forms of chess should work together to promote our classical western form… [read more]

Kasparov’s Visit to the Philippines

Garry Kasparov’s Asian tour landed in the Philippines and it was a long and busy day indeed! He received a great welcome in the chess-mad nation, and spent a full day of meetings and events. Full report below by one… [read more]